The woman’s history does not change!‬

The latest project of Vol: 5 called “The Remembrance of Medea”, which was inspired by Heiner Müller’s work “Medea-Material” was produced and recently presented to the audience.

The play is not only a unique production created by an international team but also a great, up-to-date exemplification of relationship between men and women today – presented to its audience in a rather mythological way.

As an audience, one needs to consider the strength of physical theatre in order to perceive and really feel the relevant energy substantially presented on stage.

We could reflect on Alexander Kazazou’s stage direction in detail shortly however we could in summary state now that due to the fact that the cheating and the feeling of abundance that women face is an historical tragedy, its now time to take revenge from men who happen to be physically more powerful than women, that is to say, taking their most precious weapon down!

Neil Labute in the third part of his work “Bash: Latterday Plays” exemplifies on the tragedy of Medea through a female art teacher: A female character who happens to be in love with her teacher – together with her child – knocks on the door of a man that she is in love with after so many years but the man is no longer single. In addition, we get to observe a mother’s personal experiences while she kills her own child during the process.

“The Remembrance of Medea” sets a relevant goal to give us an insight into the life of a woman who chases the man she loves inspired by the contemporary work of Heiner Müller.

What we see happening on stage is based on an inner world of a woman in crisis subjected to being cheated on and lied to by the man she loves.

We also get to see how a man destroys a woman’s life in accordance with the related wishes and desires felt towards him.

Similar lives to the life of this Georgian princess are still being led by women today and so we continue to follow the steps that this physical theatre takes to show such influence in relevance and similarity in between.

Alexander Kazazou presents a spectacular work through such historical myth: the corporal strength and the emotional breakdown of these two women in elegance make us think deeper.

The female character seems to split into two in her personality and the older female character included to the play afterwards creates a mystery in magic to reflect on such matter.

When the description made to the subject of death is combined with the pyschological highlights of the past, this short play leaves us in a deeper underground – with emotions that we then feel stronger therefore hard to forget.

The three actors Gizem Tataroğlu, Nilsen Arıbaş, Gülen Gündüz all get a full mark from us due to their fantastic acting skills on stage.

I must particularly state that Gülen Gündüz’s appearance on screen and the tone of her voice I’ve truly liked.

I have had the oppotunity to watch Nilsen Arıbaş and Gizem Tataroğlu on stage a few times before and I’ve got to state that their substantial and spiritual energy are very suitable for theatre.

The harmony in between the actors on stage and the combination of their physcological state along with their physical impact made their acting talents very clear.

When it comes to stage design, the existence of the object placed in the middle of the stage bothered us to eventually reveal a truth hidden in a world that we could not foresee. This in particular was such a witty thought.

“The Remembrance of Medea” is a successful project that Vol: 5 had internationally. It is intriguing that it combines history along with comtemporary elements on stage and its surely a must-see.

Yaşam Kaya /